PENELCO has organized a Band of its own and called it PENELCO band. it is composed of 12 regular employees who have flare in music. Male vocalists were Tolits, Mackie and Lino (also a lead guitarist and the leader of the Band) and Milet as the only female vocalist of the group. The rest of the members, as instrumentalists namely; Louie, Liezle, Che, May, Neth, JR and Dennis.

Since the time of their organization, they have helped-out in the promotion of PENELCO during invitation to perform for LGU’s as well as Town Fiestas for which, taking the opportunity to announce the programs and projects of the coop.


PENELCO also came up of the idea to form a Dance Troupe as a counterpart of the coop’s very owned band. The group was simply named PENELCO Dancers. It was formally organized in August of 2003, composing 19 very energetic and freshly looking employees from different sections, namely; Winnie, May, Joycee, Med, Ann, Shiela, Zoraine, Liezle, Joy, Ana (the coordinator of the group), Marvin, Francis, Jhun, Naldy, Jun, Mike, John, Edwin and Tolits.

These yuppies unveiled their talents in a big crowd of top electric coop officials, during the night fellowship of the PHILRECA Annual General Membership Meeting at the Philippine Trade Training Center last August 7, 2003.

You’ll be seeing more performances from them in the next REC engagements!

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