Electricity is a powerful force in all our lives. It makes so many things possible, and is so ever present in our homes, at work and at play, we often take it for granted. But because it is so powerful, it’s important that we always exercise caution when using it. Safety is a priority to the staff of Peninsula Electric Cooperative, Inc… PENELCO promotes safety awareness by providing powerful safety tips to make your work and play safer.

So make this and every season a safe one by remembering:
Electricity and water are a dangerous combination. Make sure outlets placed near sinks, tubs, swimming pools and other sources of water are wired with ground fault circuit interrupters.
Never run extension cords outside after a heavy rain. Even though the rain has stopped, the ground may still be wet … and anything wet will conduct electricity.
Make sure the extension cords you do use outdoors are rated for outdoor use. Make sure also that they’re in good condition (no cuts or frays) and that they’re plugged into properly grounded outlets.
Never touch downed power lines. If you see a downed line, don’t touch it! Call PENELCO immediately.
Keep kites and other objects away from overhead power lines.
The best place to be during a thunderstorm is inside. When you see a storm approaching, seek shelter right away.

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