Considering the many awards which was achieved by Penelco in 2003, we can say it was the best year for the coop. For it was during this year that it was recognized and awarded as the most outstanding Cooperative in the Philippines for the second time around out of 119 electric coops.

Based on the awards maintained by Penelco Fr. Francisco Silva, NEA Administrator, formally announced that the CMC- 1 will be hosted and conducted in Penelco for two consecutive days.

On November 09, 2003, it was attended by 44 participants mostly Board of Directors and some selected General Managers comprising Luzon area.

On the first day, some of the delegates arrived early in the morning at Penelco compound and others went directly to Crown Royal Hotel wherein they dropped their baggage and rested for a while because of long journey. By 7:00 pm, two of the staff of Penelco headed by Gemma Obana and Gina Jorge fetch and accompanied them in going to Penelco. All of them were given a warm welcome by Penelco Management & Staff and all employees with matching Drum and Bugle on the Main gate of Penelco and everybody was amazed. Added to this, when they were approaching the leadership hall, all the employees including service centers gave another episode of welcoming them by singing “Magandang Araw”. “It’s so nice to be with you” and “Top of the world.”

The next early morning and final day, employees ready at the main office at exactly 7:30 a.m. During the workshop with Administrator, Fr. Francisco Silva, they tackled the best practices of Penelco, the construction of all Service centers in the entire province of Bataan, the standard operating procedures and others. But according to Fr. Silva, this will not happened even the manager is the without the total solidarity, maximum efficiency, absolute honesty of all employees.

On November 10, 2003, before going to their respective coops, al the delegates from Central Luzon witnessed the celebration of all birthday celebrants. They saw the unity and commitment of expertise of every employee. After this, the group singing and holding hands of employee of the song “if we hold on together”. Fr. Silva himself, was touched in this song. He saw dedication of every employee to his job. In this most special affair, the beloved Governor of Bataan was also present. He gave a special citation to Penelco for being no.1 in the Philippines.

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