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Peninsula Electric Cooperative, Inc. PENELCO being one of the most outstanding electric cooperative of the country continues to pursue its advancement for the benefit of consumers. From its humble beginning BATELCO, to PENELCO operating, constructing and maintaining sixteen (16) power substations, distribution line, and sub transmission line brings its best to provide reliable and efficient electric service.

After preparation of required documents, technical training and evidentiary hearing, last September 5, 2012, various sub transmission assets were finally turned over to PENELCO. Gracing the ceremony were the key people who pursued the realization of the awaited turn-over - Engr. Loreto A. Marcelino, Penelco General Manager; Mr. Alberto A. Villaruz, Penelco Board President; Mr. Joe Arellano, Head NL System Operator; Mr. Napoleon Viterbo, NGCP District V Head; and Mr. Ernesto Daluz, NGCP Divestment Department Head.

“Sub transmission Assets” refer to the facilities related to the power delivery service below the transmission voltages and based on the functional assignment of assets including, but not limited to step-down transformers used solely by load customers, associated switchyard/substation, control and protective equipment, reactive compensation equipment to improve customer power factor, overhead lines, and the land such facilities equipment are located. These include NPC assets linking the transmission system and the distribution system which are neither classified as generation nor transmission as defined in EPIRA LAW.

Upon formulation of R.A. 9136 also known as EPIRA Law, TRANSCO shall negotiate with and thereafter transfer such functions, assets, and associated liabilities to the qualified distribution utility or utilities connected to such sub transmission facilities. The TRANSCO shall grant concessional financing over a period of twenty (20) years. The installment payments to TRANSCO for the acquisition of sub transmission facilities shall be given first priority by the electric cooperatives out of the net income derived from such facilities.


All customers directly connected to the sub transmission assets will be turned over to PENELCO that will result to increase in sales.

It will have a large impact in the reduction of system loss.

Ensures reliability of the line through decrementing the down time caused by abnormal conditions.

Anticipating the open access, PENELCO will benefit through revenue in utilizing the newly acquired assets.

Likewise, the acquisition of various sub transmission assets will contribute to lower electric rates among other. Lower rates means more locators will invest to the province of Bataan and more investor means more job will be created. This will be PENELCO’s first step for excellence and achievement in supplying quality electricity in affordable price to every consumer. PENELCO is accepting the challenge in providing more reliable, efficient electric service in partnership with TRANSCO, NGCP and others.


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