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PENELCO, like all other service oriented electric utilities maintains a Billing Cycle wherein its mission is to provide accurate, timely and reliable billing of kwh consumed by its' member-consumers.

The first step in preparation of electric bills is the meter reading of individual kwhr meter of consumers to its coverage area. Our meter readers are well trained and equipped with the state-of-the-art meter reading equipments, such as the Meter Reading Gadgets and Systems (PSION) wherein the consumers data are downloaded, then our meter readers read Kwhr reading and then uploaded to computers at the main office. The Cooperative's Electronic Data Processing Office (EDP) processes and prints the official electric bill receipts using modern and cutting edge technology billing softwares and hardwares.

City/Town Meter Reading/Month Billing/Month
Balanga 20-22 23-24
Orani 22-23 24-25
Orion 24-25 25-26
Abucay 25-26 27
Dinalupihan 26-29 29-30
Limay 29-31 30-31
Hermosa 30-01 30-01
Pilar 01-02 03
Samal 02-03 03-03
Mariveles 03-05 06
Bagac 05 06
Morong 05 06

PENELCO electric rates is among the lowest in the entire Region III and duly approved by the Energy Regulatory Board. PENELCO System Loss is one of the lowest in the entire Luzon, and our rates are much lower than electric rates that MERALCO is charging to its consumers by more that one peso and eighty six centavos.

Manila Electric Company - Residential
  • Effective Rate - P6.311/kwhr
    PENELCO - Residential
  • Effective Rate - P4.454/kwhr

    Difference = P1.857kwhr lower than Manila Electric Company

    The Cooperative maintains a policy that in order to discipline its consumers in paying their electric on time, they must pay their bill ten (10) days after receiving their statement of account. Otherwise the Cooperative maintains the right to disconnect their power connection.

    Knowing Your Electric Bill

    Your Billing Statement contains the following information (Account and Meter Data):
    1. Account Number
    2. Meter Serial Number
    3. Type of Connection
    4. Basic Rates and Other Charges
    5. Period Covered
    6. Kwhr Consumption

  • My PENELCO Bill!

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